Dannce BodyWorkout


Want a Dancers Body? Here you go...   

If you want to look, move, and feel like a dancer...Dannce Body Workout is the perfect

choice for you.  This entire program applies    the principles of dance to every move you do.

You will learn all about...

Elongation, Extension, Expansion,

Opposition & Suspension


You will gain greater...

Strength, Flexibility, Balance,

Endurance, Coordination,

Mental Acuity & Mindfulness


Our Dannce Body™ Workout is choreographed to music, fun and works your body in a way that protects your joints from the stresses found

in many other programs.

YES...working out CAN FEEL GOOD...!!!  


No dance experience?  No worries...

This thoughtful program was originally designed to instruct non-dancers how to access their dance core & learn how to move from the torso out.

Once you "get it" you can apply your new body

knowledge to all forms of movement... including your daily activities!!!



1 Client   1 hr session  $70. or package of 3 $180.

2 Clients 1 hr session $110. or package of 3 $300.



Ann's Home Studio - Northwest Evanston

Dannce Body Dance


Dannce Body™ also offers a fun contemporary

jazz inspired dance class specifically designed 

for dancers who are no longer able to manage

the rigors of a regular dance class.


Also great for dance fitness participants who

are looking to take it to the next level & gain

new dance skills.


Our 25 min. warm-up gets us ready to dance

full out during our choreography section.


Our 25 min. choreography section is taught

just like a regular dance class...


Step-by-Step!  Count-by-Count!


Our 10 min. cool-down includes more barre

work ends with a standing center stretch.


Every Sunday 10:30am & Wednesday 1:00pm   


Foster Dance Studios

915 Foster Street Evanston


Drop-in Class - $15.  8 Classes - $115.