Hello Dancers...


If you are looking for rewarding career path that 

embraces your dance skills...

Strongly consider becoming a...

Dannce Body Instructor


As an Instructor, you will apply what you already know to

help others live better lives...


We offer 2 programs that work together beautifully. 

Dannce Body™ Dance  & Dannce Body™ Workout


Both programs use the principles of dance as their foundation.

You will help your clients/dancers interpret the meaning of

Elongation, Extension,  

Expansion, Opposition & Suspension.


These thoughtful programs allow each client/dancer the freedom to improve at their own pace building greater

Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Endurance,

Coordination, Mental Acuity & Mindfulness.




Dannce Body Dance Instructor Program

The best way to get started is to join our dance classes &

begin learning the structure & feel of this dance program.

Classes are offered at Foster Dance Studios in Evanston

every Sunday at 10:30am & Wednesday at 1:00pm.

Dance Class Pricing for Instructor Trainees:

1st class free...  Pkg of 5 - $65.  Pkg of 8 - $90.  

Dannce Body Dance Workshops... 

We offer our workshop several times per year. 

2020 dates and times will be scheduled soon.

Your Dannce Body Dance training includes...

A Certificate of Training for Dannce Body™ Dance.

Affordable small group training with plenty of personal

attention from Dannce Bodycreator Ann Haskel.

Access to preview & instructional videos.

A manual that contains: typed out choreography

"cheat sheets"playlists,  music counting sheets, business

card format, etc...  manual $15.) 

(Workshop $150. + Video passwords $10. per number)   


Dannce Body Workout Instructor Program

Dannce Body Workout has 3 levels of instruction...

With each level you will learn 5 numbers along with

a little bit of anatomy & kinesiology. 

...private or shared sessions...  

You can choose to work privately with Ann or...

share your sessions with up to 3 total dancers...

(Certificates granted for each completed level) 

Session Pricing for Instructor Trainees:

1 dancer 1 hr - $40.  2 dancers 1 hr - $70.  3 dancers 1 hr - $90.


Your Dannce Body Workout training includes...

Affordable pay as you go training with plenty of personal attention from Dannce Body™ creator Ann Haskel.

A Certificate of Training for each level offered in our

Dannce Body™ Workout Program.

Video Passwords ($10. per number) which gives you access

to our online video training & choreography.

A manual that contains our: typed out "cheat sheets",  

anatomy & kinesiology study sheets, music playlists, client

progress charts, design plans to create your own or studio

Dannce Body™ Workout Space and a "how to practice at home" supply list & easy set up. (manual $20.)

        Side-by-Side Program Comparison


       Dannce Body™                      Dannce Body

          Workout                                 Dance

          Warm Up                              Warm Up

        (25 minutes)                         (25 minutes)

  1.  Center Stretch-----------------same as

  2.  Tai Qi Inspired Dance-----------same as

  3.  Barre Stretch-------------------same as

  4.  Barre Work--------------------same as

  5.  Barre Work---------------------same as


      Bands at the Barre                Choreography

          (25 minutes)                      (25 minutes)

  6.  Chest/Back/Bicep/Tricep              Teach       

  7.  Shoulders/Legs                     Choreography

  8.  Chest/Back/Tricep/Bicep/Legs     Section

  9.  Chest/Back/Legs                    Step-by-Step

 10.  Legs/Shoulders                    Count-by-Count

 11.  Shoulders/Bicep/Tricep               Dance it


         Cool Down                           Cool Down 

        (10 minutes)                         (10 minutes)

  12.  Barre Stretch-----------------same as

  13.  Center Stretch----------------same as   


   Alternate Cool Down

        (13 minutes)

  14.  Barre Stretch                                     

  15.  Massage Table Stretch                           


So, as you can see, our Dannce Body™ Workout & our

Dannce Body™ Dance class share the same Warm Up  numbers 1 - 5 & the same Cool Down numbers 12 & 13.


What changes is the 25 minute middle section. In our

Workout we teach up to 6 strength numbers & in our

Dance class we teach our choreography section.  You

can use your own or Ann has plenty to get you started.

You are NOT required to participate in both programs...


once you've mastered Dannce Body™ Workout you can

easily master Dannce Body™ Dance class or vice versa.

A Dance Studio Home Base for Dannce Body Workout

Note: In the very near future, Dannce Body is looking

to create a dance studio home base to provide for you

another physical location to work with your clients.