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Online Dannce! Program

What is this program?

Our Online Dannce! Program was created as a direct

response to the Covid 19 lock down. Not all of us like

taking, or for that matter, teaching  "Zoom" online.

So, this program is another way, & perhaps a better

way, for you to begin, or to continue, our Dannce! Class.

What do I get?

Your monthly membership subscription gives you:

Access to our Vimeo Showcase Videos:

Our videos provide (front & back) step-by-step instructions

for the warm-up, choreography section & cool-down.  You

will have access to 2 combinations, per month, for the

choreography section of class.

Dannce! "Cheat Sheets": In addition to our "how to"

videos, you also get what we call cheat sheets, giving

you another visual learning tool & to provide the language

for our Dannce! warm-up & cool-down.


Personal Attention with Ann 

Zoom Feedback Sessions: Every month you will have

the opportunity to gather your questionsschedule a

15 minute Zoom meeting with Ann.

Or...Video Feedback: You can record up to 10 minutes

of questions and submit them to Ann for feedback.

You may request: Add on Zoom or Video Feedback

Online Dannce! Pricing:

Dannce! Membership Subscription:  $30. per month

Add-on Zoom Sessions:                 $15. up to 15 min

Add-on Video Feedback:                $15. up to 10 min

Sign up for our Online Dannce! Program!

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